VIOLIN JUMP-START: One-On-One Instruction for All Ages
Would you like to learn the essential basics as a beginner violinist? This program is a fun and engaging way for aspiring violinists to get comfortable with their new instrument and progress confidently with frequent practice support.

During this one month course (2-3 lessons weekly), students will learn to:

  • Care for a violin 

  • Stand and hold the violin properly

  • Read notes in treble clef

  • Clap and count simple rhythms

  • Master several bow exercises in preparation for bowing on the strings

  • Learn multiple violin pieces using the pizzicato (plucking) technique

  • Prepare and perform at a Zoom concert

For those located in the DMV area, Miss Vivian will be available to tune and set up the violin before beginning this virtual course!

PROGRAM RATES: $25/lesson

2 lessons per week/4 weeks $200 

3 lessons per week/4 weeks $300


The Juilliard School, DMA, MM

Oberlin College, BM


Assistant Teacher

Junior on the Dean's List

Brigham Young University