Assistant Teacher
Junior on the Dean's List
Brigham Young University

Mariah Sam (22), is currently a junior studying piano performance at Brigham Young University. At four years old, she began studying piano, and at the age of six she began violin. Mariah started competing in piano competitions at the age of six and has since won 17 first-place awards. Her dedication has led to many special performance opportunities such as soloing with the Utah Symphony in Abravanel Hall, soloing with the BYU Symphony Orchestra, performing at Temple Square’s Assembly Hall, performing at Lobby Festival in Abravanel Hall, and more. Mariah was the top regional Music Sterling Scholar winner which earned her a full year scholarship at BYU. Mariah has also been asked to provide violin as entertainment for state officials such as Governor Herbert, Senator Hatch, and congressmen. Apart from performing, Mariah has also taught music lessons for over 10 years to both beginner and advanced students. She was also selected to present research at the 2020 Collegiate Piano Pedagogy Symposium in Indiana. Mariah’s dedication and diligence, portrayed in her musical studies, also extends into her academics. She is currently on the Dean’s list. Mariah is excited to continue her musical journey in performance and pedagogy!

Comments from Mariah's students....

Mariah is a nurturing mentor who sets high but reachable expectations. She taught me how to set weekly goals and inspired me to reach them. My love for piano grew as I improved my skills. She also helped me gain a greater appreciation for composers and piano literature. Mariah is a true professional and a pure delight to work with.


I had a super positive experience taking from Mariah and I really enjoyed it. She was always super clear on what she wanted me to work on for that week and I was never confused. She helped me find music that was fun and matched my skill level. Although some of the music we chose stretched my abilities, we approached it in a way that wasn't overwhelming. I was able to learn a lot from her, and have become a better pianist because of the things she taught me.