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Virtual Programs for Pianists
Summer 2021


Vivian Chang-Freiheit

The Juilliard School, DMA, MM

Oberlin College, BM


Kaden Larson

Indiana University, DMA in progress

Indiana University, MM


Mariah Sam

Brigham Young University

Let's Get Chord Crazy!

Knowing chords is to piano like recognizing words is to reading! During this week, we will jump into playing and reading chords of all shapes and sizes, chord charts and lead sheets, and "comping" to popular tunes with improvisational patterns and more. Students will learn how to start reading and listening harmonically, which can help them recognize musical patterns and learn pieces more quickly. Each student will also learn and perform a fun new piece (or song!) by the end of the week. This workshop is recommended for all beginner and intermediate students, 8 years and older. (Class Limit: 8 students)

TIME: Mon-Fri, 11:00-11:45am EDT

WEEK 1: June 14-18 

WEEK 2: July 19-23

FEE: $100/week per student

INSTRUCTOR: Kaden Larson

Performer's Workshop - IN PERSON

This highly interactive workshop is designed especially for the mid-late beginner and all intermediate students who wish to gain more confidence in performance, presentation and public speaking. Maybe your fingers tremble when you perform or you clam up when put on the spot, or perhaps you just want to practice some of these performance skills as we prepare for more in-person experiences! (Class Limit: 6 students)

In this 5 day course, young performing artists will participate in fun and engaging exercises with their peers as they learn:​ 

  • the importance of being present and ways to achieve and maintain this state

  • strategies to manage performance anxiety

  • techniques to engage our audiences and those around us

  • ways to memorize music and prepared remarks effectively

  • how to speak and write about yourself

WEEK: Mon-Fri June 21-25, 1-2:30pm EDT

FEE: $125/week per student

INSTRUCTOR: Vivian Chang

Piano Power: A Summer Booster in Theory and Technique!

Learning to play the piano involves so many different skills! In this workshop, we will take a deeper dive into understanding and developing some of the most fundamental and important skills. Topics will include sight reading, playing in different key signatures, chords, rhythm, and a crash course in scales, arpeggios, and other piano techniques. Each student will also learn and perform a fun new piece by the end of the week! Designed especially for mid-late beginner and all intermediate students who want to up their game, this workshop will give motivated young pianists an extra boost to go to the next level. (Class Limit: 8 students)

TIME: Mon-Fri, 11:00-11:45am EDT

(PLUS one 30-minute private lesson)

DATES: June 21-25

FEE: $125/week per student

INSTRUCTOR: Kaden Larson

Piano Jumpstart: One-on-One Instruction for All Ages

Not sure your child is ready for piano lessons? This is a great opportunity for a young student to learn the fundamentals of piano playing and note reading, and for families to gauge their child's interest. This program is designed for the complete beginner and skills can be built upon over multiple weeks. Keyboard required. 

During this 5-day course, students will learn to:

  • Read notes in both treble and bass clefs

  • Master the concept of fingering

  • Understand note values, and clap and play notated rhythms

  • Find and maintain an inner, steady pulse

  • Learn several piano pieces within a 10-note scale range

  • Prepare and perform in a studio Zoom concert if signed up for multiple weeks

TIME: Mon-Fri, 30 minutes daily

FEE: $150/week (@$30/lesson)

INSTRUCTORS: Mariah Sam, Kaden Larson

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