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For the enthusiast who wants to gain Minecraft expertise, this small group class will:

  • gather resources, explore new areas and learn about Minecraft mechanics in Survival mode, all while fighting off monsters and problem-solving to defeat the Ender Dragon

  • consider the natural environment in building realistic, beautiful and awesome structures with the help of other students using Minecraft's 3D platform in Creative mode

Each of the listed Minecraft sessions will incorporate different design prompts and survival environments, enabling interested students to explore the vast possibilities of Minecraft over multiple sessions.   


  • computer version of Minecraft

  • computer with internet connection

CLASS LIMIT: 5 students

Programming Instructor
Computer Science Major
University of Rochester

I. January 2-3, 2021 FULL

Saturday - Sunday (2-3:30PM)

2 classes: $30 ($15/class)

II. January 9-10, 2021 2 seats left

Saturday - Sunday (10:30-noon)

2 classes: $30 ($15/class)

III. January 16-18, 2021 FULL

Saturday - Monday (10:30-noon)

3 classes: $45 ($15/class)

Enroll in 3 sessions and receive a free class!

The Studio is committed to making our programs accessible  to all students who desire them. Tuition discounts are available. Email for details.

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