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The Juilliard School, DMA, MM

Oberlin College, BM

Vivian has taught piano for over 35 years, performs as Artist Faculty for the Juilliard K-12 Department and serves as Piano Department Lead of Summer Performing Arts with Juilliard. While celebrating the abilities of each student, Vivian strives to help them:


  • Develop performance skills and confidence in presenting to audiences

  • Build an enduring love of music

  • Understand music theory to achieve deeper musical expression

  • Establish efficient and manageable practice routines

  • Develop good foundational technique and repertoire mastery

At the Chevy Chase based studio, pianists learn on the Steinway B and M grand pianos and can perform in 5 in-person and 6 virtual concerts during the academic year at no extra cost. Pianists have many opportunities to develop their confidence, engage with peers and listen to each other’s musical development. Pianists and their families also benefit from weekly progress reports, an online music library, and access and support from all of our studio teachers.

The studio's local pianists attend public schools in Montgomery County, Northern Virginia and Washington, DC, as well as Beauvoir, Concord Hill, Holton Arms, Landon, Little Flower, Maret, Milton Gottesman, Sandy Spring Friends, Sidwell Friends, St. Albans, St. Andrews and Washington Episcopal. Our virtual pianists zoom from Boston, India, New Jersey, San Francisco and Thailand. Graduates of the studio currently study at Carleton College, University of Chicago, Clemson University, Fordham University, McGill University, University of Michigan, Rochester Institute of Technology, and University of Vermont.


My daughter learns so much from you and not just musically. Poise, presentation, public speaking, problem solving....

You are such a gifted teacher, and I'm so impressed with your Zoom skills! You have been our sunshine during this rainy, gray and difficult month.

Before my daughter started lessons with you, I had to help her with the piano practice everyday and she was often frustrated. Now, she is so independent and can practice by herself! And naturally, she really enjoys playing piano. We can't be happier!

I'm super thrilled seeing such detailed comments and excited about where this is leading to. We are very grateful and glad that you accepted this request to mentor our son; he has never received such comments over the last 5 years since he started learning the piano

You always stop and listen and your patience makes me feel like you care about me.  Beyond emotional support, you give great advice on career options and ways to stand out in college auditions that I never thought about before. I learn so much from you both in personal life and professional life. 

Your positivity, energy, and love of music come through in every interaction. Thank you!

Kaden Larson

Studying music has something for everyone, and a sincere study of the piano and its repertoire leads to an enlargement of human intellect, character, and soul.

My goal is to help each student discover a new realm of potential; to dream higher, work more smartly, and deepen both passion and compassion. Because students are not projects, but partners in this journey, I seek to teach them how to teach themselves.

Music has been a joy and a miracle in my life, and being a part of that experience with each individual student is a responsibility that I take seriously.

Virtual Teacher
Esther Chang

Music is a joy that consumes my time, focus, and future. I love studying music because of the interesting challenges of practicing and performing. I love to see students accomplish their goals each week and overcome challenging aspects of their pieces that they never thought they could master. On top of mastering notes and musicianship, I see how studying piano teaches diligence, hard work, perseverance, and passion.

Giving students the tools to understand music and appreciate art in this world is an invaluable experience for me each week. I love being able to make a small impact in students’ lives. I cherish my lessons with my students and rejoice when they progress into lovers of music and believers in themselves. I love seeing the beautiful music and life they are able to create through their diligent hard work.

Mariah Sam

The creating of music is a very intimate act where one can express who they are as an individual and give more of themselves to the world. As one is willing to truly share what they feel through music, or share what the composer’s intent was through the music, they will have the power to speak to the souls of the people who listen to them perform.

We need to have the tools to be able to play music in a way that affects people and that liberates us to be able to express what we want to express. Such tools are my focus. They include great technique, wonderful musicianship, a knowledge of the composition of music and the history of the composers etc. It is my hope to create well rounded musicians who can both effectively perform classical repertoire as well as sit down at a piano with no music and still be an innovator of music. I also hope to instill in my students love and appreciation for music as a medium for expressing emotion. As a piano teacher, I adore my students, and I love encouraging them to feel the excitement that comes from having meaningful experiences with music when they are practicing or performing.

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