Vivian has taught piano and violin for over 30 years and is on faculty at the Levine School of Music in Washington, DC  and Summer Performing Arts with Juilliard. While celebrating the abilities of each student, Vivian strives to help them:


  • Develop performance skills and confidence in presenting to audiences

  • Build an enduring love of music

  • Understand music theory to achieve deeper musical expression

  • Establish efficient and manageable practice routines

  • Develop good foundational technique and repertoire mastery

Students perform in regularly scheduled studio concerts in Chevy Chase, MD and on the Zoom platform, engage with peers and listen to each other’s musical development. Families also benefit from weekly progress reports. 


The Juilliard School, DMA, MM

Oberlin College, BM


My daughter learns so much from you and not just musically. Poise, presentation, public speaking, problem solving....

You are such a gifted teacher, and I'm so impressed with your Zoom skills! You have been our sunshine during this rainy, gray and difficult month.

Before my daughter started lessons with you, I had to help her with the piano practice everyday and she was often frustrated. Now, she is so independent and can practice by herself! And naturally, she really enjoys playing piano. We can't be happier!

Studying music has something for everyone, and a sincere study of the piano and its repertoire leads to an enlargement of human intellect, character, and soul.

My goal is to help each student discover a new realm of potential; to dream higher, work more smartly, and deepen both passion and compassion. Because students are not projects, but partners in this journey, I seek to teach them how to teach themselves.

Music has been a joy and a miracle in my life, and being a part of that experience with each individual student is a responsibility that I take seriously.
Virtual Teacher

Indiana University, DMA in progress, MM

Brigham Young University, BM


This is an excellent opportunity for new students to begin or return to piano and violin lessons and to benefit from practice support between lessons.


Mariah Sam works closely with Vivian Chang to provide a very positive and comprehensive musical experience on the Zoom platform, which includes individualized instruction, regular progress reports and monthly performance opportunities. Mariah taught nearly 1000 lessons on Zoom during stay-at-home days, and will continue to teach and offer practice support in the new year.

Virtual Teacher
Senior on the Dean's List
Brigham Young University


Mariah is a nurturing mentor who sets high but reachable expectations. She taught me how to set weekly goals and inspired me to reach them. My love for piano grew as I improved my skills. She also helped me gain a greater appreciation for composers and piano literature. Mariah is a true professional and a pure delight to work with.