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SING & PLAY! Pre-K Music Class
SING & PLAY! is an exciting opportunity for students to learn new songs and make music with their peers. Miss Vivian leads a highly interactive virtual music class which includes:
  • guided pretend play
  • rhythm games and skills instruction
  • movement and music
  • live concerts
  • musical story time
This class is designed to be as interactive as possible; students are spotlighted often throughout class to share their ideas. We will also dress up as characters in our songs and use everyday household items as props and musical instruments! This is a very positive and individualized environment for children to learn and grow at their own pace and to share their ideas with classmates. Siblings, parents, and children with special educational needs also welcome!
SING & PLAY! follows a typical year-long, Pre-K music curriculum and continues throughout the school year.
NOW ENROLLING for 4th session!

TIME: 8 Mondays, 9:20-10AM
DATES: March 8 - April 26, 2021
PRICE: $160 per household ($20/class)

TIME: 9 Thursdays, 9:20-10AM
DATES: March 4 - April 29, 2021
RICE: $180 per household ($20/class)

COMBO: 8 Mondays, 9 Thursdays, $306 ($18/class) 

3rd session in progress!

TIME: 6 Mondays, 9:20-10AM
DATES: Jan 11 - Feb 22 (no class 1/18)
PRICE: $120 per household ($20/class)

TIME: 8 Thursdays, 9:20-10AM
DATES: Jan 7 - Feb 25  
RICE: $160 per household ($20/class)

COMBO: 6 Mondays, 8 Thursdays, $252 ($18/class) 
The Juilliard School, DMA, MM
Oberlin College, BM

NOTE ABOUT ZOOM: Vivian has taught over 1000 live lessons and music classes on Zoom during these stay-at-home days. Vivian works closely with families to set up comfortably on Zoom in order to make the most of their children's learning. Please feel free to reach out with any questions!

Comments from families of recent Zoom classes....

You are such a gifted teacher, and I'm so impressed with your Zoom skills! You have been our sunshine during this rainy, gray and difficult month!!

If I did one thing right for my kids, it's enrolling them in Miss Vivian's classes! The classes are perfect for strengthening language and motor skills, confidence and creating a lifelong love of music!

You remind me of a modern day Mr. Rogers! You are just so cheerful and have such a calm/reassuring demeanor!"

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