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  • Vivian Chang Freiheit

Music Lessons: not just for kids

In June, I invited a few students with me to hear the fabulous Sergey Schepkin at Steinway Hall. It was such a treat to meet up with an old colleague and to share this musical experience with my students. It dawned on me that evening, why couldn't we do this more often? And chatting about Sergey's stunning all-Bach performance afterwards, I realized that my students desired to know more about the music we had just heard. What if we could study the music before going to hear its performance?

Since our outing to Steinway Hall, several new adults have signed up for lessons and I am so excited that the Studio is expanding its offerings! We will now round out our musical experience with adult performance classes and opportunities to attend concerts together. I am thrilled to be on this new journey with the growing adult class.

It's never too late to take up an instrument if the desire is there; certainly, returning to playing an instrument again can be as thrilling as meeting an old friend and highly stimulating, both intellectually and emotionally! If you live in the Pleasantville, NY area and are interested in taking piano or violin lessons or want to learn about music and attend concerts with a group, please email me. We have a place for you in the Studio!

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